ALG’s Representation Results In Significant Change In California Meal & Rest Period Law

Advantage Law Group received final judgment in Marine v. Interstate Distributor (Case Number RG07358277, Superior Court of Alameda County) .  Advantage Law Group filed the Marine case on November 28, 2007. The Class Action claim sought recovery for a Class of Local Hourly Truck Drivers employed by the Defendant for alleged Meal & Rest Period violations.  The final order was signed by the court on  November 18, 2016, after nearly nine years of litigation.

The total settlement/recovery in this case is $2.65 million.  The Class is comprised of 710 Local Hourly Truck Drivers employed by the Defendant starting on November 28, 2003.  In addition to paying monetary compensation, the Defendant has agreed, going forward, to comply with California’s Meal & Rest Period requirements.

Early on this case the Defendant took the position that California’s Meal & Rest Period laws and regulations did not apply to its Local Hourly Truck Drivers.  Since our Class of Local Hourly Truck Drivers drove exclusively within the state of California and many of those Drivers worked shifts longer than 10 hours on a regular basis, we felt it was important for health and safety reasons to ensure that this Class of Local Hourly Truck Drivers received their proper Meal & Rest Periods.  Though the law was not initially in our favor, we advocated our position over the course of nine years through the trial court and appeal.  Our position ultimately prevailed and resulted in a change for the better for our Class.

In our view, this case was important not only for our clients’ own safety, but also the safety of all other California drivers who share the freeways with our clients.  We are very pleased that our work in this case has achieved such a positive result.



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